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I'm here to share great music! A 60's kid raised in the 70's with a backdrop of Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Disco, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop and Pop. From 4 years old I would remember the names of artists on the songs I liked. I bought my first 7 inch vinyl record, ‘Dat’ by Pluto Shervington as his lyrics, delivery and flow literally blew me away! At 13, I was on the club scene going to Cubies, Phoebe's and All Nations, listening to Sir George (Cubies) and CASANOVA sound systems ( Phoebe's ) and Unity (All Nations). Simply  loving the message in the music, from then right up to present day.

Big Al Soul Sessions has been a part of radio for the last 18 years, through Community Radio with 92.5 Cheshire FM, Commercial Radio with Southport ‘s 107.5 Dune FM, and Internet Radio Mid Cheshire Radio along with starting Cheshire Media Academy ( Young People’s  Film & Radio  Company ) and I had a brief spell  with […]

Music lover and record collector, I started playing music at family parties in the early 80’s and then served my apprenticeship with King Tropical Hi-Fi, sound system. I then set up my own soul soundsystem N.D.E.C, alongside DJ Neil Andrew, playing clubs and bars in London and the South East. Professionally, I have worked in the […]

Colin was fascinated by music from a very early age, listening to his father’s 45’s, initially on the Gramophone, and later the family’s Music Centre. Older sibling would play the latest LP’s, Cassettes, and singles by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Jackson 5, Bob Marley and Dennis Brown to name a few. Songs in […]

My interest in music became more apparent in the mid 70’s when socialising with my peers at school and in youth clubs. We mainly played Reggae and raved to Sound Systems at Parties and Blues Dances. We used to compare and swap vinyl, perfect dance moves and generally just have fun not realising the value […]

The nickname came from the days of b-boys and b-girls.I always tried to cheer my friends up with a joke or two and one day one my inspirational friend (R.i.p.) Crazy-Eric said that you should have this nickname cause you are “Crazy”. From that day it was Dj Crazy-Cut and my love for music started […]

I first started Djing in my mid teens playing at house parties. It was then I realised I really found my true passion with playing music I loved and watching people enjoying themselves. I went on during the mid eighties to get involved with radio, my first induction being a station named Hospital Radio. I […]

Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s we were bathed in a variety of urban music from Soul, Funk, Jazz Funk, RnB, Rare Groove, Hip Hop & Reggae. I was heavily drawn to the Soul music that emerged in the eighties such as Raw Silk‘s ‘Do it to the music ‘, The Limit ‘s ‘Say […]

My name is Tony Allen aka DJ “All Souled Up” I present a show called “The Flingfoot Show” playing music ranging from soul, funk, disco, jazz funk, jazz, house, hip hop and r n B. I’ve played at events across Europe and most parts of the world bringing a distinctive vibe with a twist playing […]

Music has evolved from a passion to a hobby to a way of life for Tony Sugaray as his career grew from strength to strength. Various locations throughout the UK and Europe such as Switzerland, Belgium, France and Amsterdam Sugaray has graced the decks. Always able to feel the mood of his audience is his […]

Oh! So you’d like to hear some Jazz, Latin, Rares or Boogie? Step this way, as ‘the Lair’ is where you’ll find Fox and he’ll give you that and more. Prepare to be fully immersed, during which time you’ll be smiling as much as Fox himself as you enjoy guaranteed Essential Eclectic Feelgood Listening [EEFL]. […]