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Soul Unsigned

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Independent Soul and Jazz hitting the streets for 2023 from the UK and across the shores


‘Soul Unsigned’ is a feature where we shine the spotlight on independent artists/singers/songwriters/
musicians/ bands/producers making quality music that touches The Soul…Tune in Every Sunday from 9pm (GMT) and Every Thursday from 5pm (GMT) to get your weekly fix. Shining the spotlight on a variety of artists each week, reassuring you that Great music is still being made!

Independent recording artists are a unique and important cog in the music industry niche. They are musicians who, rather than affiliating themselves with large corporate music labels, prefer the liberty of managing their own music production, promotion, and distribution. Despite limitations with respect to resources and reach, these artists often produce experimental and innovative music, throwing caution to the wind and allowing their artistic flair to shine.
Yet, regardless of all the challenges, independent soul, neo-soul/jazz artists continue to create exceptional music. They take the foundational elements of soul music – powerful lyrics, emotional vocal delivery, and layers of rhythms – and blend it with their personal creative vision. Not being bound by the tastes and whims of mainstream audiences or the financial stakes of major labels grants them creative freedom. They draw inspiration from the great soul artists of the past while infusing the music with their unique spin, keeping the tradition of soul and jazz music alive.

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